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Weight Management

You don’t want to lose weight just to look good; you want to live longer and healthier too! At Ageless Medicine, we take a conservative approach to making you lose weight the right way, so that you are less likely to gain it back.

Our Supervised Nonsurgical Weight Loss Services

  • Physician review of medical history and medication
  • Evaluation of kidney, liver and thyroid function
  • Education on individual lifestyle changes and nutritional requirements
  • Evaluation of weight loss medication for patients who qualify
  • Tracking of body fat percentage and BMI through our body composition analyzer
  • Work with a qualified staff member to help manage obesity-related disease

About Our Diet

At Ageless Medicine, we are committed to helping those who wish to achieve permanent weight loss solutions. Through medically supervised programs we have seen patients achieve great results. We are fully devoted to patient care and to helping our patients achieve and maintain their health and wellness goals.

Our program is safe and under the supervision of our medical team.

For some patients who qualify, we dispense FDA approved dietary medication. Although at Ageless we believe that dietary medications may be a helpful tool when following one of our prescribed diet plans, a complete lifestyle change including exercise and healthier decisions is the ultimate key to successful weight loss.

What to Expect

During your first visit, the doctor does a thorough physical examination and we draw an extensive blood panel. We start you on our nutritional diet and you have the choice of receiving vitamin injections.

During your weekly visit  a counselor will discuss your dietary progress and how you are responding to the diet. We will also take measurements at least once a month while you are on the diet, and of course do a weekly weight check. You will get a vitamin injection. If you desire, and for best results, we recommend making weekly visits until you reach your goal weight.

At times, with certain patients, we may need to use short term appetite suppressants under strict supervision.

Type II Diabetes

So many people suffer from type II Diabetes. As you know, it is reversible and manageable. If you follow our program you may even be able to get off of your medication.  Most of the time, Type II Diabetes is “self-induced”  through bad eating habits or just by following the typical American diet.

Dietary Medications

To qualify for dietary medications, you must:

  • Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above or with a BMI of 28 if you have weight associated co-morbidities such as high cholesterol or Diabetes. Our initial blood screening panel will determine eligibility for medications with final approval by a physician.
  • Follow one of our program options and keep a food journal that is provided to you.
  • Attend the center once per week for the first month and than once a month for a nurse visit.

As mentioned above, you must undergo a complete blood panel and Electrocardiogram before you are allowed to use the medications and of course repeating labs and EKG’s while following the diet and while on the appetite suppressants.


The Lipotocin Plus injection is a combination of enzymes that aid with weight loss and providing energy. This injection has been formulated by a well-known, reputable pharmaceutical company. It contains Vitamin B-12 and B-6 Complex as well as Choline Inositol thiamine. Lipotocin Plus is a combination of B-Complex and essential and non-essential amino acids, some of which are not produced by the body or not easily obtained from current food sources. Anyone is a candidate for Lipotocin Plus injections.

Lipotocin Plus benefits include energy level boost, metabolism boost, metabolizes fats, deeper sleep, mood improvement, immune system balance, mental clarity, anemia improvement, increased stamina, stress/depression reduction, muscle tone maintenance, skin and eye health, nervous system upkeep, red blood cell production, fat removal from liver, cholesterol levels reduced, hair growth promoted, estrogen level balance.

Lipotocin Plus ingredients include:

  • Methionine (decreases tiredness, prevents fatty cells from accumulating around the liver, which keeps it functioning properly)
  • Inositol B5 (assists metabolizing fats at a faster rate, maintains clear, healthy skin, helps body metabolize food quickly, aids serotonin production (controls appetite and mood),  regulates nervous system)
  • Choline (helps liver process waste and bodily excretions, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, maintains nervous system, assisting memory/learning)
  • B6 (water retention reduction, prevents hair loss/promotes hair growth, regulates blood pressure)
  • B12 provides a boost of energy level